Manufacture and programming of electronic boards have been our job for forty years. Trust the experts.

IME has been in the field of electronic board manufcturing and programming ever since its founding in 1974.

Since then, much has changed technology-wise, and like all companies working in our business we have been careful to always keep up with innovation; but no matter how proud we may be of this competence, this isn't all we offer our customers – nor is it the only thing that has been making them choose us for all these years.

The company

What makes us special is the way we approach our work – our “total service” attitude:

  • We're fast: in order to work around supply times which often depend on international market conditions which can be hard to control, we're fast in providing a complete project with all the specifications and buying lists needed for an order. We never waste a second in putting you in a condition to go on with your work.
  •  We do custom work: an agile company like ours, free from the complicated arrangements of larger entities, can afford to treat each and every project like completely custom work, and can avoid having to make do with few standard models; we can manufacture every single piece exactly according to your specifications, for any production voume – including samples and smaller lots.
  • We adapt to your needs: for many companies making use of electronic boards in the assembly of their products, it is often very convenient to make large general orders but receive the merchandise in smaller, regular, scheduled deliveries, when they need it, so as not to overstock their warehouses. We can easily arrange this for you, ensuring a steady supply of the boards you need and no complications.

Work with someone who's been in the field for forty years.

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  • 21047 Saronno (VA) - Italy
  • Tel +39 02 029620624

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