Electronic boards and printed circuits: design, assembly, and testing for all applications. Welcome to IME.

From automotive to the lighting industry, from security to telecommunications, listing all the fields where massive use is made of printed circuits and electronic boards has become impossible.

IME designs, assembles and creates the most diverse kinds of electronic boards, for the widest range of applications, following every production step, including supply and testing, with a custom service approach that satisfies every project's demands with precision and on time – every time.

You will decide which steps of the project you want us to manage for you, and choose between a partial or complete service: we can manage complete design of every kind of electronic board, supply the necessary electronic components, assemble parts to obtain a finished product, program the board to enable it to execute its functions, and finally test the finished product to ensure everything is perfect. All of this with a forty-year competence and with all the flexibility of an adaptable, fast company.

For your device's brains, choose someone who uses their head. Choose IME.

Contact us right now and let's find out what we can do for you!

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