From design to testing, through supply, assembly and programming: a complete service and perfect results for printed circuits and electronic boards.

Manufacture of the electronic boards destined to be installed in the most diverse devices – from automotive to security to lighting appliances – is a complex procedure requiring several steps: and it's been our business for forty years.

We organize our custom service around our customer's needs, structuring it in five phases and leaving every customer the choice of what to trust us with:

Our business

    During the design phase, we prepare the structure and architecture of the electronic board required by your project, and also create a buying list for all necessary components.
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    During the supply phase, according to your requests, we purchase all the necessary electronic components for actual assembly of your electronic board, dealing with all major international markets.
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    During the assembly phase, we actually manufacture the designed electronic board , including welding and cabling, effectively obtaining the finished product;
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    During the programming phase, we input all the instructions which will be needed to make the electronic board function in its firmware. After this phase, the board is ready for installation;
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    During the testing phase, we verify each board to be perfectly functioning before packing it and shipping it to the customer, making sure everything works as it should.
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Work with someone who's been in the field for forty years.

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